Saturday, March 22, 2008

Romancing the A-List set for April 1 release

Christopher Keane's next book caters to Hollywood's A-Listers

Author/screenwriter Christopher Keane's new book, Romancing the A-List, is as sure fire strategy to get your script made into a movie. The book aims the screenwriter's talent at the most powerful source for getting a movie made: the A-List actor.

Romancing the A-List is set for an April 1 release and is available for pre-order on

Himmelstein subscribes to the A-List

Himmelstein subscribes to the A-List

Pre-order Romancing The A-List

"Here's the difference between Romancing the A-List and every other screenwriting book clogging the shelf: Chris Keane has not only been through the movie and TV wars he's still engaged in them. His insights aren't dated or theoretical -- they're as real as the studio notes he got last week. Even more impressive, he doesn't just linger on his successes. He's confident enough to analyze his failures and those hard-earned lessons are some of the most instructive in the book."

David Himmelstein, screenwriter, Power, Talent For The Game, Village of the Damned